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Our hope is to provide you with enough insight and enough information into the pros and cons of the different plans so that you may make an informed decision about which plan options are most appropriate for you. 

2018 year marks the 20th year of the plan. Since 1999, we have had the pleasure of working with your Electric Boat Representatives - the MDA, the MTC, the Retired Salaried Employee’s Association and Electric Boat to design, communicate, implement and service a Retiree Medical and Prescription Drug Plan for Electric Boat Retirees, widows and spouses who covered under Medicare Parts A & B.   At the present time, there are over 2,700 Electric Boat retirees and spouses throughout the country participating in the program. 

The program has three different medical plans through the Hartford Insurance Company, two different prescription drug plans through Express Scripts and two dental plans through MetLife.

​Important things to remember prior to enrolling into the Electric Boat Medical and Prescription Drug plan:

  • ​To participate in any of the following Medical programs you must be enrolled in Medicare Part A and B.
  • The Prescription Drug plan is available in conjunction with any of the Medical programs that are being offered. * Please note the unlimited drug plan is offered at initial time of enrollment, unless a retiree has been covered under an employer group benefit plan through a spouse or has been covered under another employer through their own active employment.

Other situations or questions:

​If I currently have other coverage through an employer or through my spouse, can I elect not to participate in the Electric Boat Medical and Prescription Drug plan, and will I be able to elect coverage at a later date?

Yes, you will be able to waive coverage and enroll at the time you lose your existing coverage. You will be able to choose between any of the medical and prescription drug plan options. 

I enrolled in an individual Medicare Plan and would like to cancel that coverage and join the EB plan, what are my options?

You can elect enrollment into the program, if you chose not to participate at the time of our eligibility through EB, you can enroll in any medical plan but are only allowed to join the Limited Prescription drug program.

This is to compliment Beacon Medicare for the excellent service it has provided. 
You have always quickly responded to my questions. One time I sent an e-mail on a Sunday morning and you answered on Sunday afternoon!  On two or three occasions your office contacted our doctors here in South Carolina to straighten out billing questions.
I really appreciate your service and hope the Retired Salaried Employees Association continues to keep you as our agent.

~Frank Cinami Electric Boat Retiree

Electric Boat:

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